Initial RCFE Certification

This 4 day class is designed for people who wish to become a California certified Administrator in a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE). This class will provide you with the required 40 hours of training and prepare you for the state exam.

We designed and developed our class content based on the “Core of Knowledge” principles defined by the state. We also review possible state exam questions to enable you to confidently complete the state administered RCFE Administrator certification exam.

The class is approved by CDSS/CCL and will cover these required topics -

·         Laws & Regulations: Day 1 (8 Hours)

·         Community Support Services: Day 1 (2 Hours)

·         Business Operations: Day 2 (3 Hours)

·         Physical Needs: Day 2 (5 hours)

·         Management & Supervision: Day 2 & 3  (3 Hours)

·         Admission & Assessment Retention:  Day 3 (5 Hours)

·         Alzheimer's & Dementia Training:  Day 3 (4 Hours)

·         Psych/Social Needs:  Day 4 (5 Hours)

·         Medications:  Day 4  (5 Hours)

The class is taught in a live, fun and interactive environment by teachers with many years of hands-on experience. We will cover all required content, have group exercises and review possible state exam questions to increase your understanding and retention.

Included in your fee are class materials, copy of Title 22, daily beverages and morning pastries. 

Class begins at 8AM
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RCFE Administrator Certification class
RCFE Administrator Certification Training
Price: $559.00
New state required 80 hour RCFE Administrator Certification class to become a certified Administrator. Class is 6 days live and 20 hours online. Current SNF Administrators only attend 12 hours.