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We welcome you to our new blog for Assisted Living Education. In addition to our extensive Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE) and Adult Residential Facilities (ARF) programs, our blog will serve as an additional resource with relevant topics in caregiving and the senior industry. Assisted Living Education is a Department of Social Services (DSS), NHA, BRN and PCE approved vendor. We provide RCFE Administrator certification classes, ARF certification, and many other classes and services useful for the RCFE industry.

The Assisted Living Education Advantage

Careers in elderly care are on the rise, with more than 88 million people, or 20% of the U.S. population, estimated to be over 65 by the year 2050 according to the U.S. Census. Considering a career in serving the elderly population is not only a viable option, but can be personally rewarding as well.

Assisted Living Education offers a unique program of comprehensive education, supportive services for new or existing RCFEs, plus Continuing Education (CE) units. With everything you need in one place, we can help you jumpstart and maintain a successful career in residential care for the elderly!

The Program

Our mission at Assisted Living Education is to ensure our courses and services provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to be an outstanding performer for your residents, company, and the assisted living industry, and contribute to the advancement of assisted living care and service.

We also strive to provide excellence in quality instruction and training for coursework, licensing, and services in RCFE. Our teachers and staff are passionately committed to an all-encompassing educational experience for you and your RCFE facility’s success, and ultimately the well-being and quality of living we strive for in the ageing population. Here are 10 steps to open an RCFE in California providing by Assisted Living Education.

The coursework at Assisted Living Education provides the state-required hours for completing  and preparing for an RCFE Administrator certification. Topics included are resident care, Alzheimer’s & Dementia care, medication assistance, laws and regulations as well as the business aspect of operations, marketing, and other topics relevant to being an RCFE administrator.  The fun, fully engaging, and interactive classes are taught by professionals with years of industry and hands-on field experience. Their enthusiasm not only enhances the presentation of the required content, but their practical skills knowledge and experience from real-world situations enrich the learning process for everyone. Separate staff training for Caregiver, Medication Training, and Alzheimer’s & Dementia care is available as well. You’ll find a variety of live and online Continuing Education (CE) coursework, as well as RN, LVN, and SNF classes online.

Our program is designed to cover a wide scope of facility and staff requirements, plus specializations to attract a broader range of residents, increase your RCFE facility income, and better serve the diversity of needs in the elderly care community.

For existing facilities, we offer consulting and licensing services to ensure compliance with DSS as well as OSHA to help you avoid issues potentially leading to a fine. Our founder, owner, and a lead teacher at Assisted Living Education, Jane Van Dyke-Perez has established a solid relationship with DSS and assisted numerous facilities in licensing applications, approvals, and compliance. Her knowledge, expertise, and guidance have helped expedite licensing approvals by identifying and resolving issues that would otherwise have delayed the process by months.

Special Incentives

We realize starting a new career can be quite an investment. Assisted Living Education offers great savings on some of our products. Our RCFE Administrator Certification offers $50 off per person with the enrollment of 2 or more people. Take advantage of our training packages, including our  RCFE Licensing or RCFE Licensing application for operating your RCFE, or our ultimate RCFE in a Box, which includes everything you need to start your RCFE – over $700 worth of savings versus buying the materials separately.  We also have our RCFE update service available to help.

Upcoming Topics

Please come back to our blog soon as we will be discussing many interesting industry relevant topics such as…

—  The importance of good assessments

—  Documentation – when and how for your RCFE

—  Working with the Ombudsman

— Dealing with challenging family members, including how to handle difficult situations with residents and families

… And many more!

Final Thoughts

Lastly, we invite you to explore our website, and learn more about Assisted Living Education, with a special message from Jane Van Dyke-Perez on our homepage. For general questions, visit our FAQ page. Learn more about our history and get to know the dedicated team members integral to your RCFE experience. Please visit our contact page for any inquiries.

We welcome you aboard to the Assisted Living Education community!


About Assisted Living Education
Assisted Living Education has been operating in and improving the growing senior care industry for over 15 years. Founded by certified RCFE administrators, Jane Van Dyke-Perez and Bill Perez, we have licensed more than 1,100 assisted living facilities and built close relationships with the California Department of Social Services, assisted living managers, owners and industry professionals. As senior living care educators ourselves, we strive to contribute our knowledge and skills to continually improve senior care and the satisfaction of those working in the industry.