how to choose an RCFE administrator program

Important Things To Look for in an RCFE Administrator Program

Every journey requires a map to reach your destination with as few detours as possible. As you begin your exciting venture to receive your residential care for the elderly (RCFE) administrator certification, California’s RCFE administrator program can help you map the way to reach your goal.

Whether you’re pursuing certification to open your own licensed RCFE or to run an established assisted living facility, you need to complete the RCFE administrator program because this is a requirement in California.

An RCFE Certificate of Completion for the class qualifies you to take the 100-question RCFE Administrator Certification Examination. The exam is 100 questions, timed at 2 hours, open book and you must pass with a score of 70%. The exam costs $100. 

Once you pass the exam, you must submit an application and a fee of $110. During the Assisted Living Education (ALE) administrator course, the instructors will cover all the requirements for preparing for the exam and assist you with the paperwork required for the application submission.

The class training and information help you answer exam questions to pass the test and complete the application to receive the California RCFE Administrator certificate. The knowledge, advice, and experience gained through the course will guide your daily operations of an assisted living facility.

Choosing the ideal course becomes a vital first step on this journey, but how do you find the right program for your needs? 

Discover the essential factors to consider as you evaluate RCFE classes.

Make Sure the RCFE Administrator Program is State Approved

In California, oversight for all community care facilities, including senior care, is assigned to the Community Care Licensing Division of the California Department of Social Services. The CCLD administers the RCFE licensing to open an assisted living facility.

Approval of course outlines and regulation of vendors for the RCFE administrator program and RCFE classes is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Social Services, Administrator Certification Section

Choosing RCFE Administrator Program

Taking training from a vendor not on the list of approved Initial Certification Training Program Vendors creates a huge roadblock on your journey. The state will not accept your course completion certificate or allow you to take the administrator certification exam, and you will likely end up having to take — and pay for — another course that is approved by the DSS.

Check the Class Logistics

Qualities that set apart a class and enhance learning do not include organizational details. However, class locations or webinar times, tuition, book or material prices, refund, and make-up policies can lead to a detour in your plans.

Check the vendors’ websites for course schedules and carefully note exactly what is included in the price. Make sure you understand the consequences of arriving late or missing a class or webinar and write down cancellation deadlines.

State requirements for the course include 20 hours of online classes and 60 hours of live training. In response to COVID restrictions, the Department of Social Services determined that course providers could teach the 60-hour portion of the class using live-streamed webinars through June 30, 2022. Therefore, unless the DSS provides an extension, in-person classes should resume after this date.

Review Course Outlines and Instructional Materials

All RCFE Initial Certification Training Program vendors must follow the Administrator Certification Section Core of Knowledge Training Standards and submit course outlines for DSS approval. The Title 22 California Code of Regulations is an important reference used in the 80-hour course.

Although California sets the overall training curriculum, individual vendors develop their own course guides and supplemental materials. 

choosing an rcfe administrator program

Ask specific questions about the text and handouts used in the class before registering. If possible, ask administrators who completed the class about the clarity and usefulness of the materials for training, exam preparation, and later reference when working in the field.

Ask About Class Size

Whether the 60-hour portion of the administrator training is taught in person or through webinars, the number of students enrolled makes a difference. If the vendor puts too many students in the class, you may not get a chance to ask questions and participate in discussions. If too few individuals attend, a helpful exchange of ideas may lag.

Evaluate the Instructional Staff

The teacher sets the tone for the class and can make the difference between a vibrant, upbeat experience with everyone participating or a dull, uninspired presentation of regulations and dry facts. Ask about the faculty member’s background and verify past experience as a working RCFE administrator in several different facilities.

A good instructor sprinkles stories of situations and challenges encountered over the years and gets the students involved with solutions. Look at online reviews and testimonials of former students to check out the level of teacher engagement with the students.

Remember the Most Important Factor Is You

Course schedules, practical handouts, and a stellar instructor all contribute to an amazing classroom experience, but in the end, you are the person responsible for getting everything you can out of the RCFE administrator program. To reach your goal and become a certified administrator — and perhaps receive RCFE licensure of your facility — you need to choose the right course and make the most of the opportunity.

We’re Here To Guide You

It may seem like a long journey, but the helpful experts at Assisted Living Education want to help you reach your destination. 

Contact us today if you have questions or need advice about taking that first step.

People Also Ask: 

How much do RCFE administrators make? Salary ranges vary for RCFE administrators. In California, the average salary for an RCFE is around $45,000. Salaries in the higher end for this role usually depend on a number of factors like the size of the facility, an individual’s experience, or education.

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Assisted Living Education (ALE)  is an approved Initial Certification Training Program vendor in the state of California. We provide comprehensive RCFE Certification Training, RCFE Continuing Education, RCFE Licensing assistance, and RCFE Consulting Services. With many years of real-world experience, our instructors will prepare you or your employees for a rewarding career in assisted living. 

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